Our returns and exchanges policy is simple, and it's built around a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with the use of the product. If you like it, wonderful! 

If it doesn't solve your problem or it doesn't fit, you'll get a full refund. We only ask one thing in return: that you send us a picture of the seat belt receptacles in your car where you tried to use the Buckle Booster and it either didn't fit or didn't solve your problem (when you do this, just include the make, model, trim, year, and seat). This way, we can build out a larger list of where the Buckle Booster works best and share it with customers.

Seems like a fair deal, right? No return shipping or waiting for your refund. Just tell us you don't want it and why (the reason doesn't matter - it's your choice), and send us a picture and the vehicle information. We'll then cheerfully issue your refund. In the event that we need your Buckle Boosters physically returned to us, we will supply a shipping label.

Please allow 5-7 business days for the processing of the refund by your credit card company and its posting back to your statement.

Please fill out the following form to initiate your refund: