Hello! In our experience, people want to contact us for one of three reasons:

  1. To tell us how amazing we are and to thank us for how life-changing our products are (approximately 98% of contacts, naturally).
  2. To learn more about returns, refunds, and exchanges if the Forever Returns page was insufficient.
  3. To ask us for advice on which Buckle Booster is best for their situation if the Learning Center didn't provide enough guidance. If this is your reason for writing, please share the make, model, year, and seat where you need a Buckle Booster. When you receive our system acknowledgement of your message you can expedite our more useful reply by sending a picture of the receptacle area.

If it's easiest for you, feel free to write us at contact@bucklebooster.com or call 1-272-228-2553. Yep, you guessed it! That's 1-272-2-BUCKLE!

Otherwise, please fill out the form and share how we can assist.