Mama Llama singing

Mama Llama musing aloud: We are a family of llamas - llamas who drive and travel by car, of course, and who have a little baby llama in a bulky but safe car seat. I prefer to sit beside my Lil' Llama in the back seat, so that I can pet his woolly head and sing to him (as everyone knows, Llamas are sensational singers and most inner dialog includes an excess of obvious exposition). But the car seat makes it so hard to get at my seat belt receptacle, especially since I only have one available hand, the other obviously busy petting Lil' Llama. The strain and struggle make car rides way more stressful and hassle-filled than they should be.

Enter Lana the Llama

Lana the Llama: Did I hear, "bulky car seat...hard to get seat belt hand...and strain and struggle related car rides"!? Those are the words that automatically summon me, Lana the Llama.

Mama Llama: Why, yes you did. I'm certainly glad I was thinking about this in the garden and not the shower.

Lana the Llama: I think I have just the solution you're looking for. My own family of llamas contains two special kinds of Buckle Boosters: the Long Neck Pullover and the Lil' Hugger. Pray tell, is your seat belt receptacle in a somewhat recessed area without a lot of room around it, or is it entirely above the back seat bench and generally more accessible?

Mama Llama: If I recall correctly, and I believe I do because as you would know, Lana, we llamas have keen powers of observation, an eye for detail, and a memory that rivals that of our very distant cousins, the elephants, it's somewhat recessed with not too much room around it.

Lana the Llama: That's great to know, Mama. Might I suggest the Lil' Hugger as a solution to your car-related back seat receptacle access troubles.

Mama Llama: As opposed to what other troubles, Lana?

Lana the Llama: Well, when you show up in people's gardens waving around such unrivaled marvels they sometimes think you're there to solve all of their problems, like Papa Llama's snoring, or his hair in the sink, or that other very specifically annoying thing that he does that you're thinking of right now. So I'm just clarifying the exact problem I'm resolving.

Mama Llama: Great! Do you have the Lil' Hugger Buckle Booster in my favorite color, generally described by all normal beings as "yellow llama"?

Lana the Llama: I do, yes. It's also available in "purple sash," in case that happened to be your favorite color. And just because I like to say the names of everyone in the Buckle Booster family, you should know that the Lil' Hugger's sibling is called the Long Neck Pullover Buckle Booster. It's great for the buckles that are entirely above the level of the back seat but either just flopping around or simply in need of more stability.

Mama Llama: We llamas do love to offer stability to those in need! I do have one more question. I always feel guilty ordering things that are only for me and not for my Lil' Llama. Can you help me with that, perhaps with an additional free gift?

Lana the Llama: Can do, Mama. All Buckle Boosters come with free stickers for all the Lil' Llamas out there.

Mama Llama: Hmmm. Okay, but do they have educational value?

Lana the Llama: Of course, Mama. The stickers are all about car safety.

Mama Llama: Then I'd say that does it. I'm so glad you showed up today to share all of this extremely useful information with me.

Lana the Llama: My pleasure. Now I really must be going. I think I sense someone else struggling with their back seat belts. Oh my, such colorful language!

Mama Llama: If you could please go around the side gate, I'd appreciate it. Your feet are a little muddy from my garden. And yes, as you know because you're also a llama, we have soft padded feet and not hooves, making our status as ungulates, those with hooves, a bit of a misnomer.

Lana the Llama: Not sure why you had to share that last part since it's just you and me here.

Mama Llama: It's sort of my cause, like easy and comfortable buckling with a useful and amazing product, unparalleled in its cleverness, design, and quality, is yours. I'm lobbying for a reclassification and just wanted to spread some awareness.

Lana the Llama backing away slowly: Good to know. Sure, I'll go around the side. Happy buckling!



And that's exactly how it happened!

Okay, fine. It was a little different. There may have been fewer llamas (not none, just fewer) but the problem was real, and so is the solution - and the free stickers!

We know from firsthand experience what a challenge it can be to buckle up in the backseat, and not just because of bulky car seats and booster seats. Many people need extra help buckling in with greater ease, maybe with one hand and perhaps with less range of motion available to them - like our Gran'ma Llama.

That's why we created the Buckle Booster and want to share it with you.

Ready to learn more about the different kinds of Buckle Boosters in our family to figure out which is best for your needs? Click here.

From our family to yours, please Buckle UP!